Major Refinery Streamlines Turnaround File Discovery


US Refineries are constantly changing facility requirements to comply with government regulations, improve operational efficiency, and respond to market pressures.  Production is capital intensive and preparation for turnarounds is complex and time consuming.  Any improvement in turnaround preparation has a positive impact on profitability. A key factor to success is the ability to quickly find relevant and accurate information.


Consider the challenges associated with holding much of your engineering and asset information in legacy systems.  Ownership changes via M&A and the long heritage of your plant have created an information infrastructure that is dispersed across many non-integrated systems.   Typically, up to 20% of necessary documentation will only exist on paper documents including P&IDs.  Much electronically stored data is superfluous, complicating discovery by taking up system storage space which slows searching.

Project Managers, Compliance Officers, Turnaround Directors, and others are tasked with finding pertinent information. Searching through current systems is time-intensive and frustrating. For Turnaround projects, success is in the planning. The ability to access detailed and accurate information is crucial.  It can take many person-hours to locate and organize all relevant data.


ExtractIQ was chosen to provide software and resource support to address the existing challenges by identifying, reorganizing, and providing real time dashboard access for the discovery of necessary information.  This was completed without rip and tear of files. All data remains as it was but is now easily discoverable.

Project Summary

Refinery personnel worked with ExtractIQ to perform the initial scan. The scanning software runs on any computer and takes little memory. The discovery and analysis of the initial scan was saved in the secure ExtractIQ cloud to provide a summary of the metadata.  This summary included statistics about the overall size of the data, size of individual files, duplicates, type of file (word processing, CAD, spreadsheet…) and age of the file. This is viewable on a high-level dashboard.


Working with ExtractIQ, refinery personnel provided the business DNA for the refinery identifying terms and actions such as units, supplier, date, project name, removal of duplicates, and junk files. A second deep scan was executed to provide secure cloud access to a clean searchable directory resource.


Utilizing a customizable dashboard, refinery personnel have access to the Extract IQ directory linked to all files. This directory works with all storage modalities including legacy File Systems, Google, and Microsoft OneDrive.


The ROI generated from reduction in engineering and planning person-hours, and the subsequent quality of project data information has been immediately realized.

Important Note

Deployment of ExtractIQ can be fully customized to meet the needs of any refinery:


1. Purchase the software license outright.


2. Use ExtractIQ as an ongoing monthly cloud service.


3. Engage ExtractIQ to carry out the project as part of the project team with a one-time service fee.




ExtractIQ will perform a partial analysis as a free trial to measure the potential benefits that this solution will offers.

To learn more, please contact;

John Statts

Senior Project Executive

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