Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Leverages AI to Automate Engineering Records Management on 2 Billion Dollar Upgrade


The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC) serves 1.5 million customers in 48 counties by protecting public health and the environment through reliable, safe and cost-effective conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater. PVSC has a ten-year, $2 billion program (a portion of the program is funded by FEMA) to upgrade and build new wastewater treatment facilities and has purchased PMWeb with Extract IQ Bulk Loader for the program duration. AECOM/HDR Joint Venture has been hired by PVSC to be the Program Manager and is overseeing planning, design, and construction.


PVSC’s facility was hit by Superstorm Sandy on October 29, 2012 causing a complete plant shutdown for the first time in the facilities’ 108-year history. The two billion-dollar program is budgeted for building new and upgrading existing facilities, increasing capacity, meeting increased regulatory requirements and improving the resiliency of the plant to avoid the level of damage inflicted by Superstorm Sandy. The project demands management of records for hundreds of projects and hundreds of thousands of files, as well as mitigating the possibility of paper files being destroyed. In addition, the solution needs to be able to quickly search and find the files by building, project, location, or other criteria.


Over the long course of PVSC’s history, an information infrastructure has evolved with emerging technology across many non-integrated systems. Most of the documentation exists solely in paper format. Paper documents that had previously been scanned to digital files have inconsistent file names, complicating the ability to find and identify information.


PVSC’s team of Project Managers, Facility Engineers, Maintenance and Operations need immediate access to the various record drawings, shop drawings, photos and other project and facility information. Utilizing manpower to search through dispersed physical locations for time sensitive information is time and cost intensive. Many projects included in the FEMA Program require access to paper legacy records. The ability to quickly access detailed and accurate information is crucial.


PVSC was looking for a centralized location to house all the legacy files. A method to accelerate migration of the files to PMWeb was necessary. At the same time, the process would refine required index information (metadata) to simplify finding the files. Extract IQ was chosen to provide the software and resources to identify and move the legacy records to PMWeb Document Manager. Extract IQ utilizes natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize the required metadata from the various file types, organize the metadata and bulk load the records into PMWeb Document Manager.


To accomplish the paper data migration, physical scanning of paper files is being provided by a local record conversion contractor. The digital copies of record drawings, photos and submittals are being processed utilizing Extract-IQ’s AI, which identifies the proper index data. Records are then uploaded by the Extract IQ Bulk Loader Module directly into PMWeb.


The conversion and migration of files into PMWeb was broken down into phases by file type. During the first phase over 30,000 records were processed and uploaded in 60 days. Over 300,000 legacy records will eventually be loaded in PMWeb.

Project Summary

1. PVSC Engineering and Operations personnel worked with Extract IQ to identify indexes (metadata) for the records that are migrated to PMWeb, to allow the users to quickly identify and access all aspects of the required records.


2. PVSC provided the business DNA for PVSC, identifying all terms and actions such as building name, contract number, date, project name, etc. These are being used to create consistent search and filter capability.


3. Extract IQ is then utilized to process legacy files including record drawings, submittals, and photos. Extract IQ creates the proper metadata and, utilizing the Extract IQ bulk loader, uploads the files directly into PMWeb.


PVSC engineering and facility maintenance teams and project specific contractors with authorization are efficiently and securely utilizing PMWeb to access and manage the critical engineering records. Measurable reductions in existing Engineering and Project Management time, currently spent in researching for the proper records, is projected to result in a 20% bottom line savings in project costs.

Implementation Options

Extract IQ can be fully customized to meet the needs of any customer with flexible options including:


1. Purchase the software license outright.


2. Use Extract IQ as an ongoing monthly cloud service.


3. Engage Extract IQ to carry out the project as part of the project team with a one-time service fee.


Extract IQ will perform a partial analysis as a free trial to measure the potential benefits that this solution will offer.


Contact John Statts at 484-614-0775 or [email protected] for more information.